Our rainbow nation

By Caritas Refugee Office

One rainbow nation, Malindza Refugee Reception (MRC) pre-school children recited these words during the school’s 2017 graduation ceremony held MRC hall. Through the poem the children preached: unity; love and peace as they concurrently waved flags of a number of African countries.

The Malindza Refugee Reception Center pre-school has become a medium for children of asylum seekers and refugees to learn the local languages and culture as they interact with local children. This platform enables children to adapt with ease at primary school, having made friends with Swazi children and learnt to communicate in English instead of French and their native African languages. Read more

The Catholic Church in Swaziland stands together #With Refugees

Members of the Swaziland Council of Catholic Women presenting gift packs to heads of households at Malindza Refugee reception centre at the end of the World Refugee Day commemoration ceremony.

By Princess Fakudze

In a world where millions of people continue to be displaced by situations of political violence, war and persecution on the grounds of race, religion and political affiliation there is an increasing need for countries to receive, protect and integrate asylum seekers and refugees. Swaziland is home to about 2 000 refugees and Caritas as a social arm of the Catholic Church is in a partnership with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the government of the Kingdom of Swaziland to protect refugees in the country. Read more

Refugee Youth ready to make a difference!

By Princess

The trauma of unplanned or forced departure of asylum-seekers from their homeland and the reality of being in a completely unfamiliar environment affects women, girls, boys and men in both similar and different ways. Some children suffer loss of family members and some have to endure separation from their parents or an adult guardian they can depend on. These children lack a reliable point of reference for guidance on how to respond to various life’s challenges they are faced with as they grow up and this can lead to confusion and despair. Read more

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