Human trafficking a transnational challenge


By Bill Kelly

Most of us do not have much to say, but we do have much to learn above all about the universality of this dreadful circle of exploitation and how the Church is involved in combatting it. A study of the subject reveals an urgent need to tackle such a vast pervasive evil which is transnational in nature and which requires the sharing of information. It is a crime that shames us all. Read more

Refugee Youth ready to make a difference!

By Princess

The trauma of unplanned or forced departure of asylum-seekers from their homeland and the reality of being in a completely unfamiliar environment affects women, girls, boys and men in both similar and different ways. Some children suffer loss of family members and some have to endure separation from their parents or an adult guardian they can depend on. These children lack a reliable point of reference for guidance on how to respond to various life’s challenges they are faced with as they grow up and this can lead to confusion and despair. Read more

Improving the life of our communities for a better world

Children growing vegetables

By Machawe Ngcamphalala

Caritas Orphanaid Welfare programme is implementing a project which is aimed at assisting most vulnerable children from 7-17 years with health and education services in order to improve their wellbeing. The project is implemented at Siphofaneni an outstation of St. Philips Parish and started in March 2017. It benefits a total of 125 households with most vulnerable children every month (depending on their level of vulnerability) through the provision of services including but not limited to; school bags, study guides, homework assistance, HIV and TB screening, referrals to clinic, HIV and TB treatment initiation, food gardens, and nutritional supplements. Read more

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