Our rainbow nation

By Caritas Refugee Office

One rainbow nation, Malindza Refugee Reception (MRC) pre-school children recited these words during the school’s 2017 graduation ceremony held MRC hall. Through the poem the children preached: unity; love and peace as they concurrently waved flags of a number of African countries.

The Malindza Refugee Reception Center pre-school has become a medium for children of asylum seekers and refugees to learn the local languages and culture as they interact with local children. This platform enables children to adapt with ease at primary school, having made friends with Swazi children and learnt to communicate in English instead of French and their native African languages. Read more

Swaziland launches World Aids Day at Hope House

Minister of Health (with a red head Scarf) with Hope House clients

By Machawe Ngcamphalala

The Catholic Church applauded for supporting government in the health sector


The Ministry of Health and the National Emergency Response Council on HIV and AIDS recognized the relentless efforts of the Caritas Swaziland Palliative Care Centre – Hope House, by hosting the launch of Swaziland’s 2017 World AIDS Day Campaign, at the centre.

The campaign whose climax will be the national celebrations on December 01, 2017, was tagged “ENDING AIDS TOGETHER”. The launch was held October 30, 2017 Read more

Orphan aid challenges and future plans

By Machawe Ngcamphalala

Caritas Swaziland is the extended arm of the Catholic Church, which is a non-discriminatory and voluntary organization that is entrusted by the Church with social responsibility.

The organization has seven programs namely; Orphanaid welfare, Food security and rural development, Hope House, Home based care, Justice and Peace, Micro-Projects and the Refugee section.

Read more

Hope House “Inn”

by Bp José Luis IMC

Bishop José Luis was invited to be the “guest speaker” at the Aids Day in Hope House. This was his speech

* * *

“Having received the invitation of Sr Elsa Joseph to be the “guest speaker” at today’s Aid’s day at Hope House I started wondering which biblical text could be a good image of Hope House.

True that today, Hope House goes beyond the reality of HIV/Aids but one can never disconnect it fully nor can we forget how it all started. Read more

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