Orphan aid challenges and future plans

By Machawe Ngcamphalala

Caritas Swaziland is the extended arm of the Catholic Church, which is a non-discriminatory and voluntary organization that is entrusted by the Church with social responsibility.

The organization has seven programs namely; Orphanaid welfare, Food security and rural development, Hope House, Home based care, Justice and Peace, Micro-Projects and the Refugee section.

These provide different services to the Swazi nation as well as other nationalities most particularly under the Refugees section.

Regarding the orphan welfare these are our challenges and future plans:



  • There is a growing challenge of project ownership from the side of the communities. They expect everything to be done by Caritas whereas in reality the NCP project is theirs.
  • There is not enough food for the children at the care points which makes it hard for the caregivers to constantly care for the vulnerable children.
  • Lack of stipend for the care givers results in caregivers losing motivation for attending to care point activities.
  • Caregivers need to be constantly trained on care giving, that is ECCD, Health and Hygiene as well as Human trafficking issues.
  • Some care points have been blown by strong winds and operations are affected.


  • Community mobilization meetings on improving NCP ownership by community members.
  • Caregivers training on children rights.
  • Domestic violence training for the communities where there are Caritas care points.
  • Resource mobilization for the renovations of care points.
  • Training of caregivers on starting savings group to improve their livelihoods.