Grateful to God for the people sent to us

By Sr Elsa Joseph MSMHC

Hope House had many clients with cancer of various types associated with HIV. Regular health talks are being given to the clients, caregivers and family members to make aware of the need of care, support & treatment.

Tex Ray Company Matsapha donated blankets, clothes and mealiemeal for all the clients who are happy as they are able to keep themselves warm in this winter season. They assured us of their continuous assistance.

Mr. & Mrs. Muhle and Mr. & Mrs Xolani visited hope House and donated food items and clothes for all the clients They made a tour around Hope House for the 1st time and assured to extend their helping hand in the needs of help House.

It was on a Friday the Luke Commission called to enquire about Hope House and its actives. We explained over the phone and requested them to make a visit to the center if their time permits. As per request, Rebekah came to see the place and when she returned, they referred two clients to Hope House.

We thank the good God for all the generous people who come on our way.

On 15th The SPTC team was at Hope House for their Charity work, they also adopted house K as their home last year, they furnish the house with bed linens. They also did some landscape work and planted vegetable seedlings in the garden. We all play an important role as the country works towards Vision 2022, an AIDS free Swaziland.

Another challenge is the treatment of Gonorrhea; it can infect the genitals, rectum, and throat. Complications of gonorrhea disproportionally affect women, including pelvic inflammatory diseases, ectopic pregnancy & infertility, as well as increased risk of HIV, it has a tendency of evolving to be resistant against medication that was used to treat them.

About 78 million people in each year are infected by this disease, worldwide. Gonorrhea can be prevented only through behavior change, education, information and communication could promote to improve the people’s ability to recognize the symptoms and treat them.

Cancer associated with HIV AIDS is a great challenge, in the lives of our clients. In this regard we play a great role in pain management, wound care and preparing them for end of life care. God is great and he stands by us always, we are ever thankful to God and His blessed Mother, for overshadowing us with courage and strength to face the challenges of life.