Sikhandza Bantfu primary school: A cause for celebration

By William Kelly

Sikhandza Bantfu is a Swazi name which when translated to English literary means ‘’we found people there’’. It is one of the backwater under developed communities in the kingdom in terms of infrastructure and social amenities. Children as young as six years had to travel 14 kilometres to and from school every day. There was no road. The way to school was through the forest. They had to cross rivers during the rainy season arriving at school wet, cold and tired.

All that is behind them now. Thanks to the generosity of the German Government (BMZ), TATORT and MEDEA (both international humanitarian organizations in Germany) and their local implementing partner Caritas Swaziland. The community has now a school with seven modern classrooms, a vegetable garden, a borehole for water, toilets and the jewel in the crown, the school has teachers.

At present a dining hall and kitchen are under construction. Funds are being sought to build an office block and living quarters for the teachers. Currently the principal uses his car as a makeshift office. I think it’s better than not having an office at all. I think he is very ingenious! Indeed a true cause for celebration.