Property grabbing

CCJPBy Musa Peter Dlamini

Residents from Luve in Mbhejwane community were left in shock when in-laws attacked an eighty three (83) year old man of the area. Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) members from the community rescued Mkhulu Ndlovu* on the 5th of January 2017 when a Mamba* family forcefully tried to grab the property he resides in. CCJP is a Catholic organization which promotes fundamental human rights for ALL. Luve is located in the eastern north part of Swaziland in the Manzini Region, and about 45 Km away from the City of Manzini.

Things started falling apart when Eric* (Nephew to Mkhulu Ndlovu) passed away in 2001, leaving behind his wife and two daughters. It is said that Thuli Mamba* who was married to Eric was not welcomed at her husband’s funeral, she was told that they know nothing about her concerning their marriage hence she should leave. This act angered the Mamba family (Eric’s in-laws), thus deciding to take everything belonging to the deceased. The deceased had built a three (3) room house at Luve at Mkhulu’s homestead. The conflict between the two families seems to be far from over, it has been said that the Mamba family wanted to demolish the house so that they get some of the material to rebuild another one for the children whom were evicted from the Ndlovu homestead. The house is currently used by Mkhulu Ndlovu since his previous house was blown down by wind.

The Mamba family is said to have reported the case to the chiefdom of Luve, requesting that the Ndlovu family should pay fine for the two children. The old man was unable to meet the demands made by the Mamba family since he only lives with his unemployed daughter and three (3) grandchildren who are so desperate just to put food on the table. Therefore they decided to go ahead with grabbing the property, this is injustice!

I thank the church for the support they gave me, I was desperate and if it wasn’t for their intervention I would be dead by now’ said Mkhulu Ndlovu. This comes after members of the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) helped the old man by paying some of the material so that the house is not demolished. The Ndlovu family is given up until end of April 2017 to either build a new house or try paying for the remaining material so that Mkhulu can legally own the house.

*names have been changed to protect innocent people involved.