Is WATER important?

FlorenceHave a glass of water, have a shower, cooking to do…anything else? Yes, we can do a lot of things with water. Have you ever thought about the water’s impact on your life?

Really, you also need water for your livestock and your crops, to clean your house and wash your clothes…

It is easy to turn on the tap if you are thirsty or if you need a shower, if you have running water at your disposal, but what happens if you don’t have it?

Let’s think about it…

You, or someone else for you, must go out to collect it. This takes a lot of time, which could be used for education or to generate income. A research demonstrates that a lot of people in Africa, especially women and children, spend more time searching for water than for the others daily activities.

You also could put your own life in danger going far to reach water supplies because the walk isn’t just long. Women and children are alone and burdened with a big weight, and so exposed to attack in unsafe areas.

The water collected far away from home is controlled and clean? Maybe it is contaminated with germs, causing sickness or death.

What about your livestock? What about your backyard garden and your crops? Without water you can’t look after them as it is necessary, losing your income.

Let’s think about it…