World Food Day: to address poverty and hunger considering also the conditions that cause them.


Today we celebrate the WORLD FOOD DAY, launched by FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations). This day is a great opportunity to send a strong message all over the world to engage people in the fight against undernourishment, malnutrition and waste, while promoting equal access to natural resources and sustainability.

Reminding the message from Pope Francis for this special occasion, the problem about food is also collected to the climate change and the social protection. People face everyday precariousness, since the fruit of their job is also subordinate to environmental conditions that often escape their control, and to the lack of means to face bad crops or to give them the necessary technical tools. It is important to address poverty and hunger but also the conditions that cause them.

Caritas Swaziland promotes a project in food security, assisting communities all over the Country. Next week we will show you something about it…let’s follow us!