Hope House joined hands in the commemoration of World AIDS Day

Hope House

image010Hope House is a residential faith based hospice center and is part of Caritas Swaziland’s suite of HIV and AIDS support programs. It was officially opened in 2001. HIV AIDS clients & all terminally ill people, regardless of their religious affiliation, nationality, or age are able to utilize the services of Hope House. Accommodation is provided in individual furnished units.

It is centrally located in Manzini, which is virtually in the middle of Swaziland, making it accessible to clients from all four regions of the country. It is the only known center of its kind in Swaziland and Caritas Swaziland is the only known organization within the country that provides the full range of HIV and AIDS interventions from prevention and impact mitigation through palliative care.


Candle light memorial and World AIDS day

Candle light memorial day and World Aids day are celebrated in a big way at Hope House, we were indeed privileged to have the National Director NERCHA Mr. Khanya Mabuza, The CEO of city council Manzini, Our Bishop José and other committee members of Hope House, Fr. Larry M. Mr. William Kelly the National Caritas director etc.

We were able to admit & care for 380 clients and their care givers in the year 2014. We were able to empower 995 family members and other relatives with health education, counseling and incidental teaching.




  • Admitted at Hope House 2014                                                           380
  • Total Clients cared                                                                                380
  • Minders                                                                                                 370
  • Discharged from Hope House                                                           326
  • Died at Hope House                                                                              17
  • Referred to RFM and other hospital                                                    39
  • Catholic                                                                                                  42
  • Children                                                                                                 87
  • Male                                                                                                      135
  • Female                                                                                                  158