Other great moments in life

By Sr Elsa

At Hope house a young lady by the name of Sithembile was admitted on the 17th April, 2018 with cancer on the one eye. The right eye was removed before her coming to Hope House. She is completely blind and most areas of the face are destroyed by the Cancer. To relieve the pain, she has been on Morphine since 2013.

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Hope House continues to provide Palliative Nursing care to Society

by Sr. Elsa Joseph

Hope House continues to provide Palliative Nursing care to our clients, as Swaziland celebrated World Health Day on the 7th April. The Global theme for the 2018 World Health Day is “Universal Health Coverage: everyone, everywhere” The wealth of nation is health. Millions of people die every year due to communicable and non-communicable diseases, and preventable diseases like AIDS, TB and Malaria. Read more

Caritas Zambia a step ahead

Participants at St Kizito, Monze Diocese

by Princess Fakudze

It is the vision of Caritas Africa and by extension of Caritas Internationalis to synergize the work of charity in the Catholic Church and the function of Caritas. However, in most countries, to this far these two function in silos, hence Caritas Africa towards strengthening the synergy, organized an exchange visit for other Southern African Caritas offices to learn from Zambia.The week-long learning lab ran from 04 March to 09 March 2018. The training was objectively organized to build awareness on how Caritas is structured and how the work of charity is organized in the church, to enhance the understanding of how Caritas should function. Read more

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