Catholic Church brings hope to Swazi Children

Some of the students that applied for the scholarship.

By William Kelly

There is a saying that goes, ‘Education is the key to unlocking doors for a brighter future’. This is true for hundreds of Swazi students from all four regions of the country that assemble at the Catholic Centre (Caritas offices) every second week of January to apply for funds to pay for their education. In truth, some even started visiting our offices as early as December 2017 to record their requests; ‘We wish to see the Bishop in order to register our request for school bursaries as we do not have any income to pay for ourselves; they would say (some with tears in their eyes). Read more

Water harvesting project

By Machawe Ngcamphalala

The project is very helpful to the people of Swaziland especially as the world is faced with serious droughts and floods brought by climate change.

Caritas implemented the project in the Lubombo region in Lubulini a community under the St. Philips Parish.

The Lubombo region is the most affected by drought in the country and it is the same region that has the highest prevalence of HIV and AIDS, and T.B. cases. This community has a greater number of most vulnerable people and child-headed families or orphans who stay with their grannies. Read more

Caritas Swaziland Housing Project continues to change lives


Bishop Jose Luis visiting the project with Mr Ngcamphalala

By M. Ngcamphalala

Caritas Swaziland programme amongst other interventions, deals mainly with impact mitigation for those households that have lost their economically active heads. Since its inception, its mandate is to respond to the ever increasing number of orphaned and vulnerable children in Swaziland. It has assisted orphans and their families, predominantly in rural areas to live happy, normal and productive lives as part of the mitigation strategies against the impact of HIV and AIDS. This program implements interventions mostly in rural areas. Read more

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