Other great moments in life

By Sr Elsa

At Hope house a young lady by the name of Sithembile was admitted on the 17th April, 2018 with cancer on the one eye. The right eye was removed before her coming to Hope House. She is completely blind and most areas of the face are destroyed by the Cancer. To relieve the pain, she has been on Morphine since 2013.

The cancer started to spread to her left eye in 2017. In the same year she started taking ARVs. She is very anaemic, weak and bedridden, Her Mother looks after her at Hope House, She collects Sithembile’s drugs, the morphine from Mbabane Government hospital.

The tender loving care of the staff gives her relief and she is serene and cheerful. We implore God’s assistance to grant her strength and courage to accept the challenges of life. Sithembile says: “Not all is lost when you lose your eye sight. Not being able to see allows me to get to know people around me based on their personality rather than their looks or dress code. I can tell a lot about a person based on how they converse with me. If somebody greets me and sounds cheerful, I can postulate that they’re an outgoing person who’s relatively easy to talk to. I can tell which nurse is coming to visit my cottage while still far by her footsteps and if I am wrong, I will be able to correct myself before she can utter a word as she enters the door by the perfume she is wearing”. Talking with Sithembile about all this really made me realise that while yes there are some setbacks, there are great things that don’t require vision — there are great moments in life you don’t have to see with your eyes.

Hope House has many cancer and stroke patients of various categories and the majority of these are on ART. Having an operational physiotherapy within the confines of the Palliative Care Centre has been a great help and blessing for all the stroke patients.